Cathead Vodka is teaming up with MMRF! The Mississippi-based company is donating $1 from the purchase of every bottle of Cathead Vodka in South Carolina to Music Maker, continuing their corporate mission of supporting live music. Cathead Vodka, created by Austin Evans and Richard Patrick, is the first legally distilled spirit to come out of Mississippi. The Cathead founders are no strangers to music support, their business has already partnered with the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council in Mississippi to assist them in presenting live music. Regarding Cathead’s generous support of the arts, Evans said, “Even in college I knew my business would support live music in some way. Music Maker is a great partner for us because their values in supporting blues culture are very similar to ours.” Donations from Cathead Vodka’s sales will help Music Maker continue to support Southern traditional musicians, helping them meet their needs, presenting them to the world, and furthering their musical careers.